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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Bathroom Refurb

 Here's a new bathroom we finished last week. The old suite and tiles were stripped out. In addition to the plumbing works there was some replastering, a new door casing, stud work, floor tiling and wall tiling.

We like to do everything on jobs like this to ensure continuity and perfection.
We are always happy to discuss your dream bathroom with you. We can help with the design and planning and share our inside knowledge with you of the best products.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Would You Like To Reduce Your Gas Bill?

 We are always keen to speak to people who wish to reduce their gas bills as we can help them. Here is how we done so this week for a new customer. How many big old boilers like this are still around? Quite a few I'd imagaine. This is an Ideal 'Concord' balanced flue model which has been a reliable boiler but is now at the end of its life span. Compared with modern boilers it is very inefficient.
Before we removed this boiler we had one last run to give it. We disconnected the pump and attached our flushing machine to it and gave the system a power flush . The system was surprisingly clean which is testimony to the landlords planned maintenance and use of inhibitor. Once disconnected it took two of us and our trolley to get it safely outside as it was very heavy.
With the system cleaned out it was now time for the new boiler. We are replacing it with a Worcester 'Greenstar' i, system boiler which fitted neatly in the same cupboard but up on the wall rather than on the floor. The system had previously been converted to a sealed system so we removed the remote expansion vessel and controls as they are all integral on the new boiler. The former balanced flue hole was bricked up and the new unit was soon up on the wall.
Just a few hours later with the pipework completed the new boiler is fired up and getting commissioned. John is checking the combustion settings in the bottom picture and printing off the readings to attach to the manual. The gas savings will be quite dramatic on this one.
Jobs like this aren't as bad or messy as many people imagine. They are very straight forward for us and we work with the minimum fuss and disturbance. We are always happy to advise on all matters relating to high efficiency boilers and energy saving controls.