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Friday, 20 January 2012

Commercial Boiler Room Maintenance

This is a Grundfos twin headed pump, in a boiler room in a hospital. The top pump head had failed and was tripping out on the control panel. Swapping it is a fairly straight forward job as there are isolating valves either side and the electric control box just plugs back in. An automatic air vent above the pump {the brass fitting} was leaking, as was another on some high level pipework so we took the opportunity to replace these at the same time. This boiler rooms serves some Doctors accomodation. The Doctors work all manner of unusual hours so the building requires heating almost all the time. It is therefore essential that any maintenance such as this is carried out quickly and efficiently to minimise shut downs. We hold the keys to this and other boiler rooms we maintain which enables us to respond quickly and at all times to any breakdowns or problems.