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Monday, 24 December 2012

The Ultimate Gas Saver

Do you want to reduce your gas bill? It's a silly question; of course you do. We normally do this for our customers by ensuring they have the latest energy saving heating controls and high efficiency boilers. However there are other ways.
If you have the right type of chimney and a ready supply of logs then a high efficiency wood burning stove may well suit you.
This one that we have fitted is the Hamlet 'Solution' inset 7KW model. It comes with a ten year warranty. We also fitted the fire surround which is the 'Palmerston' cast iron with polished back and slabbed hearth and took care of all of the associated building work too. These stoves are becoming more popular and rightly so. There is something rather pleasing about sitting in front of a log fire especially when the price of gas continues to rise.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Designer Radiators

Are you looking for something a bit different from the standard panel radiator? We can supply and fit all manner of different radiators to match your home or taste. Here's an example of one we fitted last week. It's a reproduction period style cast iron radiator. They are available in various different finishes, styles and sizes; this one is in metallic pewter. They come with a ten year warranty

The valve which is traditionally styled is actually thermostatic.
If you have any questions or queries about radiators of any type or style we are always happy to help.