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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sinks, Cookers & Kitchens

Here's a couple of pictures of a kitchen installation we have recently finished. Many years ago we were regularly asked to fit kitchen as much of the technical work involved is plumbing & and; gas related. After all the fitting of the actual units {most of which now come ready assembled} is well within the capabilities of a good DIYer. These days we have so called specialist kitchen fitters who are usually joiners who can connect a sink up with flexi hoses! This installation involved plumbing, joinery, electrics, plastering and tiling work; all of which we can take care of.

Housing Trust Partnering Contract

Here's the combustion getting set on another high efficiency boiler installation. This solved an ongoing problem for one of our long standing clients.

The problem – Some housing trust properties of about 15 years of age fitted with standard efficiency boilers. The systems have never been wired up correctly as the pumps and a permanent live supply should have been connected directly to the boilers. This has made overheat lock outs an ongoing problem. The systems also suffer from too little static head due to the cold feed and vent pipe arrangement in the airing cupboard. This results in air being drawn into the system causing corrosion, system noise, sludge, and short life for the pumps.
The solution – Drain off and chemically flush out the systems. Supply & fit new band A high efficiency boilers, heat only modern equivalents. We chose the Glow-worm ‘Flexicom’ 12hx as they have a rear flue option and suited the client’s budget for this scheme. We also fitted new system controls by Honeywell. The systems were rewired correctly to Honeywell Y-plan scheme with permanent live supply to boiler and the pump wired directly to boiler. The pipework in airing cupboard was also rectified to stop air ingress.
The result is cheaper fuel bills for the tenant and less breakdowns for the client.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Commercial Gas Escape Job

This was an one interesting from the start of the year when the country was in the grip of the coldest winter for a long time. A commercial customer of ours had rang their gas supplier as they had smelt gas. The supplier turned up as they do and simply shut off the supply advising the customer to contact a 'Gas Safe' engineer. Anything after the meter is not the concern of the supplier. Luckily the customer called us and we were able to trace the escape to a section of underground pipework. We were able to isolate this section and get the gas back on to the main building & offices. The underground run of pipe supplied an out building / workshop at the rear of the site. The pipe run was just short of 50mts and had originally been installed directly in the ground without a protective duct. Groundwork contractors excavated a trench and we installed a 100mm protective duct. Within the duct we ran stainless steel flexible 'Trac Pipe' which is coated with yellow protective plastic. It comes on a roll {see picture} and as the manufacturers had discussed with us was perfect for this job. We were able to get everything in within a day to allow immediate back filling. The following day we tested, purged and reinstated supplies. I was impressed with this product which whilst widely used in USA is fairly new to this country.