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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The New Ideal 'Logic' 30 Combination boiler

I attended the grand sounding product launch for this new boiler a couple of weeks back. This is the first one we have fitted and it performed quite well. It was a full new system we installed in a bungalow which previously only had a multipoint water heater.
From a future maintenance point of view there are a couple of components which look a little tricky to access if they need replacing. The hot water flow rates remain the same as the previous two models. I'd have liked to have seen improved flow rates but maybe next time?
Will we be fitting more?
Yes I am sure we will.
Was the customer pleased?
Yes it's a big improvenment on his old multipoint and the radiators are much better than the old economy 7 electric heaters he was previously using.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Real Mens Plumbing / Gas Fitting!

Three of the five external gas meter boxes at some flats we done in Litherland Park. The supply pipes from the meters to the flats was routed in galvanised mild steel on the outside of the building. It is then ordinary mild steel in the communal hallway / stairwell before switching to copper tube inside the flats. The cutting, threading and jointing of the steel brought back happy memories of my apprenticeship were we done a lot of this type of work. All of the joints on this job were cut and threaded using our hand threader. On bigger steel jobs or when working with larger bore pipework we will normally hire a threading machine.