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Friday, 28 October 2016

What is the Best Boiler?

We've been fitting boilers since 1984 so there isn't much we haven't seen or don't know. Indeed we can tell plenty of shocking tales about certain makes and models! 
From an engineers point of view, the latest boiler brand survey in the respected consumer magazine 'Which' is spot on. Worcester Bosch rightly come out on top. They make by far the best boilers. We fit them all the time, I have one in my own house and they are the boiler we recommend with confidence, to our customers. Most of the ones we fit now come with a ten year manufacturer's warranty too. 
 We also fit the occasional Vaillant boiler mainly for one of our housing trust customers as they specify them. We actually fitted two for them today {see bottom two pictures}. They too are rated highly and quite rightly come second from top. Interestingly these two brands which come 1st and 2nd cost a little bit more than the brands which fare less well in the report. Through our own extensive experience in the field we have learnt that the overall life time cost of these better brands is considerably less than the lifetime cost of the cheaper brands.The mid range boilers and the cheap boilers incur regular breakdown costs from an early age. The parts for the cheap boilers tend to be expensive and poor quality. Read the report below and if you have any questions regarding boiler brands or require practical advice from someone who actually fits them and maintains them please feel free to call us. 

Checking the combustion on the 1st of two Vaillants boilers we fitted today. 

One of our engineers fitting the case on the second after completing all the commissioning tests.