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Monday, 16 July 2012

Undersized Gas Pipes?

The Problem {a common one} ~ A combination boiler with an undersized {15mm} gas supply. As a result of this it wasn't producing enough hot water. The boiler was sited in a former airing cupboard within a first floor rear bedroom. All of the upstairs floors were over laid with laminate flooring which the customer didn't want disturbing. It was a two bedroom terraced property with both bedrooms fitted out and rather full so lifting the flooring would have been extremely difficult and time consuming. The floor had also been glued so if lifted would have been damaged beyond repair.
The Solution ~ We installed a new continuous run of gas pipe in 22mm  flexible 'Trac Pipe' as shown in the picture. We routed it from the meter cupboard up in the corner of the room, straight through the floor into the bedroom and up into the loft. It was all neatly concealed in trunking tight in the corners of the rooms and no flooring or decoration was disturbed. We then dropped it down from loft into the boiler cupboard where it adapted to 22mm copper tube via a male iron fitting and connected to the boiler. It's very easy to work with as it comes on a roll making long runs without joints possible. Before and after gas rating results showed the boiler was now working as it should in 'hot water' mode.
This product is also very useful when replacing sections of pipework in floor voids which have failed tightness tests. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any gas related matters.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Flame Free Pipe Jointing

In certain areas where we work we have to use flame free methods of joining pipes. This is usually down to insurance, health & Safety or when fast track repairs are required and hot work permits haven't been issued. The picture below was taken in a hotel in Blackpool where we had to surface mount some heating pipes along a skirting board to supply a radiator in a conservatory. Using blow torches to solder joints would have set off the fire alarm system. It wasn't permitted to disable the fire alarm system so the work was done using these 'Tectite Sprint' fittings from Pegler Yorkshire. No machines are required as the pipe simply pushes into them for a water tight joint. They are much more pleasing on the eye than some of the plastic push fit fittings which are available. They also maintain earthing continuity when pipes are part of an electrical earthing system. We have installed pipes in many unusual places, special environments or where heat restrictions apply and are always happy to advise on such matters which, incidentally are becoming more common.