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Thursday, 11 April 2013

A Simply Solution To Frozen Boiler Condensate Drains

Have you had trouble with frozen condensate pipes over the last couple of winters? All the best solutions to problems tend to be simply. Here is a device from Worcester for you, which will prevent this happening. It clicks onto the flow pipe beneath the boiler. The condensate from the boiler fills into it and is warmed up by heat transfer from the flow pipe. When a certain level is reached the now warm condensate is discharged by a syphonic action. Due to it being warm coupled with the velocity of discharge it doesn't freeze. There are no electrics or running costs to it. It can be retro fitted in most cases for under £70 all in. The one in the picture was given to us by a supplier to field trial. We were upgrading a customers boiler to a top of the range Worcester CDi, so we threw this in free of charge as she had been troubled by frozen condensate pipework. There's a link here to a short video from Worcester which explains it much better than me. If you need any more information about this product or have been troubled by frozen condensate pipes please do give me a call. It's far better to get these matters in hand over the spring and summer.