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Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Perfect Modern Replacement For Those Big Old Cast Iron Gas Guzzlers

The old, inefficient boiler in the previous post was replaced with this excellent piece of engineering. It's the Worcester Greenstar 42CDi Regular. A heat only, floor standing boiler with a seasonal efficiency of 90.3%. It weighs a hefty 55.1KG but thanks to some ingenius rollers is very easy to handle in and out of position during fitting. It proved a perfect replacement for the previous big old Myson 'Marathon'. It occupies the same alcove in the kitchen but its more compact size means it fits better and doesn't obtrude like its predessesor. We also replaced the hot water cylinder with a modern high efficiency model and upgraded the system from an inefficient 'gravity hot water / pumped heating' to 'fully pumped'. The controls are a Honeywell 'S-Plan' utilising a radio frequency analogue room thermostat. We also replaced the secondary return pump, which had been taken out at some point in the past, with a new Grundfos bronze hot water pump. It's a very large house with several bathrooms plus basins in each bedroom so the secondary return was vital to ensure instant hot water at all points of use.

We fitted this excellent piece of equipment on the return pipe to the boiler. This is the 28mm version. Despite power flushing this system it still filtered out some debris from what is a very old system. It is also an excellent dosing point for adding inhibitor. It's reassuring to know that this working all day everyday to keep the system clean. Our customer now has a system and controls up to modern standards with an extended warranty boiler and her gas bill will be dramatically reduced. The job she and her family were dreading wasn't as bad as they feared thanks in no small part to these innovative products.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Out With The Old.

The end of the road for this big old inefficient boiler as it awaits a one way trip to the scrap yard with our recycling contractor. It was a Myson 'Marathon' 150,000BTU, floor standing, open flued appliance with a permanent pilot light. It heated the hot water by gravity in an uninsulated cylinder with no controls. The water in the cylinder was reaching the same temperature as the boiler flow;82 degrees C, which was both dangerous and wasteful. The boiler itself was probably only around 55% efficienct. The radiators were once controlled by a room thermostat which had broke a long time ago and had been by-passed. All in all it was costing a lot of money to run.
Watch this space to see what we installed to bring this system up to current standards and save our customer money on her fuel bill.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Showroom Type Vanity Basin

This is part of a bathroom we recently completed.