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Monday, 19 August 2013

New Build Site

We are currently carrying out the plumbing, heating and gas installation in nine new build bungalows.
 Here is Joe one of our engineers installing first fix pipework prior to plasterers coming in. All the plumbing and heating pipes are in plastic due to cost and to deter theft as it has no scrap value. This seems to be the case now in all new build schemes.

This is a pipe drop which will be serving a radiator. It is enclosed in capping and will be covered over by plasterboard. A metallic tape is stuck onto the face of the capping so the presence of the pipes can be detected later with a cable / metal detecting device. There are blanks on the end of the pipes so we can pressure test them.
 10mm branches off the main heating circuit are routed to radiator positions in one continuous run without the need for joints.