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Monday, 24 November 2014

Commercial Washrooms

This was a slightly unusual job as it is only going to be a temporary site toilet for building contractors within a university student accommodation building project which is just starting. This is why there are no tiles on the walls or floors. There was already a wash basin and toilet in situ so we completed the job by fitting this 1800mm stainless steel trough urinal.
 Note the rodding point on our waste pipe for future ease of maintenance.
 This is a basic hydraulic flushing valve. It is a water saving device. Every time someone uses the basin tap or flushes the W.C. it senses the change in water pressure and admits some water into the cistern serving the urinal. The regularity of the urinal cistern flushing is therefore governed by the amount of people using the washroom.
 There she goes; the first flush during our commissioning! If you'd like any information on commercial sanitary products or water saving devices please do give us a call.