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Friday, 30 July 2010

Inside The Worcester Bosch 'Greenstar' 30CDi

We installed this boiler earlier this week as a replacement for an 20 + year old Myson 'Midas' combination boiler. It is a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30CDi. It looks much more interesting with the cover off! We have probably installed more Worcester boilers than any other brand over the years. It's amazing to see how they have evolved and improved. Whilst it probably looks rather complicated inside to the untrained eye we are very familiar with them and know them inside out.
We upgraded the system controls on this installation to current standards. Our customer should now notice a marked reduction in his gas bill.
This customer was a second generation referral. A couple of years back our accountant referred us to his brother in law who we done a similar job for. We recently carried out the annual service for him and he mentioned he'd passed our number onto a work colleague which resulted in this job. Hopefully he too will now recommend us and continue the word of mouth cycle.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Those Little Finishing Touches.

The first picture shows the hole left in a wall after an old balanced flue boiler has been removed and replaced by a modern fanned flue boiler. To anyone not in the trade a balanced flue was a rather large, unsightly metal box usually around 12" square or more. We've fitted a new boiler with a fanned flue, now popping out of the middle of the hole and bricked up the inner leaf using thermalite block.

There's been some interesting {well to me anyway} correspondence and pictures in the 'Gas Safe' trade magazine about the unsightly way such flue holes are often made good. Perhaps 'made bad' would be a better term as everyday I see some shockers when just simply driving around. Many don't even get patched up at all!

To me it's all about having pride in your work. We cut out any half bricks and clean away any old mortar. It's then simply a matter of sourcing a few matching face bricks to complete matters as shown in the second picture.

These bricks are 73mm pre war commons and it cost a couple of quid from our local builders merchants for eight of them to match in, leaving a nice finish. The whole task took about an hour.

Monday, 5 July 2010

If You Think Hiring A Professional Plumber Is Expensive Then You Should Try Hiring An Amateur One!

Here’s another shocker from one of our supposed competitors. I apologise for the quality of the picture which was taken using my Blackberry. It’s in the social housing sector and I came across it whilst on a repair call. A new boiler had recently been installed and the flue, where it passes through the wall had been sealed {?} up using the paper wall template from the installation instructions. I know we have to recycle waste paper but this was stretching it a bit far! I suppose it makes a change from filler foam. The offending company has since been back to seal this hole up properly with mortar.
This is what happens when the cheapest bid is taken. We have never claimed to be the cheapest nor sought to compete with those who do, as it merely devalues your brand & reputation. What we can assure our valued customers is that our workmanship is always to the highest standards and that includes all making good too.