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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Power Flushing

The problem: a heating system that just doesn't get hot enough. The radiators were blocked up with sludge and sediment. There was also a partial blockage in the return pipe. A lot of gas was being consumed by the boiler with little heat in return.
Our Anton power flushing machine {pictured} and some water treatment chemicals solved the problem and the cost was much more reasonable than our 'friends' at B****** Gasp had quoted. The system is now running much more efficiently.
Correctly installed, leak free heating systems that have been treated with inhibitors seldom if ever end up blocked or full of sludge. Unfortunately many people neglect to maintain the inhibitor in their systems. Other systems have been incorrectly installed with pumps, feed and vent pipes incorrectly positioned causing air ingress. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you think your system may need cleaning and flushing out. We are happy to advise. Also call us if you have been quoted extortionate prices by a certain national company who's staff might just be on a bonus if you agree to their quote. We are tradesmen, not salesmen and won't make a mountain out of what is a fairly straight forward job.