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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Another Gas bill Reduced!

This is a new Potterton 'Promax' high efficiency boiler we recently fitted. It is a SEDBUK Band 'A' rated appliance. It replaced an old Potterton floor standing boiler which must have been forty years old. In the bottom left hand corner of the picture you can see the wet plaster I'd just finished troweling up. This was the former flue hole of the old boiler after it had been made good. It was quite a job lifting the old boiler out as it was a big cast iron, gas guzzling monster!
The cupboard in which it is installed now has more useful floor space as the new appliance is a wall hung model. We converted the system from an inefficient gravity hot water / pumped heating to a fully pumped Honeywell 'Y-plan' scheme. All of the radiators are now fitted with Honeywell thermostatic valves with the exception of the hall where the room thermostat is installed.
The system was being commissioned when the photo was taken and my Anton Flue Gas Analyser is measuring the combustion readings. Our customer will see a big difference in her gas bills now and will have much more control over the system. It will also benefit from having been flushed out, chemically cleansed and treated with corrosion proofing inhibitor.