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Thursday, 21 June 2012

How To Fit A Watertight Shower Enclosure

Despite what tilers or bathroom showroom salesmen may tell you, plasterboard is unsuitable as a tiling surface in the wet areas of bathrooms. This includes over baths where showers are fitted as well as in enclosures. All wet areas in a bathroom should have the plasterboard removed and be boarded with waterproof tile board like shown in the pictures..
We use a product from Travis Perkins called 'Hardibacker Tileboard'. It is a cement based waterproof rigid board. The shower tray in the pictures is a Mira 'Flight' with two tiling up-stands which the finished tiles will lap over ensuring a water tight joint at the junction of the tray and tiles even before it is sealed with silicone. In fact once all the joints on the boards are sealed the job will be waterproof before a tile is even laid!
All tiles must be laid on waterproof adhesive. Once they have dried they are sealed with waterproof grout.

All junctions are then sealed with a good quality silicone sealant containing anti fungicide. We use the Dow Corning brand. Avoid the £1 a tube products from so called DIY superstores {you know who I mean}.
We do this as standard on all our bathroom refits. We also do a lot of remedial work and insurance claim work putting right poor quality installations that have failed. I can honestly say we have never had one leak or failure using these methods.
We are always happy to discuss any bathroom or shower issues. Please remember that the expensive finished bathroom is only as good as the foundation on which it has been fitted.